Monday, June 29, 2009

Just cruising along

Summer has been fabulous - The Gathering Place is rocking and rolling. I told a friend once that 3 years seems to be a magic number for a new job. The first year, you have no idea what you are doing. You are just trying to get through it and learn all the ins and outs. The 2nd year you try to adjust to what you learned during the 2nd year. You can anticipate some of what will happen but still aren't in a 'groove'. The 3rd year, everything 'settles'. You've worked out the kinks. You can concetrate on actually doing your job well - improving the little things, enjoying the ride. We just completed our 3rd year at The Gathering Place. This is our 4th summer. We are enjoying the ride. Thank you, Lord for your grace and goodness. For knowing our family, better than we know ourselves. Our lives are dependent on you.

We've put our emotional selves on an adoption break. I'm trying not to read blogs and material quite as much. I threw myself into the adoption with all that I am - for those of you who know me well, I know that's not hard to imagine!! With our busy summer, we've decided to try and not think about it until we have some more concrete information. We continue to trust that the Lord has called us to this and that His timing is perfect. And moreoever, He knows exactly who will become part of our family - forever. I am with great anticipation to unwrap that package. We welcome your prayers for our family.

Lastly - for those of you who know Frank & Dixie - my in-laws - they are celebrating their 50th Anniversary this July! Unbelievable! The whole family is coming down during the middle of July for a week for a big celebration. They will be renewing their vows. Mark will perform the ceremony and all 5 grandsons will 'stand-up' as groomsmen for them. How precious! My mother-in-law recently told me that in her prayers, she has always prayed for her GrandSONS - but now she has started praying for all her grandCHILDREN - especially the ones in Africa who've yet to join us. She is so precious in her love for us. What great heritage of great long-lasting marriages, Mark and I have to pass on to our children. My parents have been married for over 40 years as well! A dying breed in our generation. We are grateful for their dedication to each other and their obedience for decades to the Lord. What a legacy. It will ECHO for generations to come!

Not much to report. Just a taste of SSI for those of you who've berated me to update. :) Love to all!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pick a Number

The boys and I drove to Marietta this past week. In our 5 hour drive that lasted 8 hours, we played games. Pick a Number is one of our favorites. One person picks a number, tells everyone what it is between and everybody gets a guess - closest is winner and gets to "Pick a number" next.

Heard on the way:

Eli: I'm thinking of a number it's between 1 and 20hundred.

Asa: That's 2000, Eli.

Mom: 82!!

Asa: 10,000!! ( Mom's thinking 'between 1 & 20 hundred, Asa!')

Eli: It was 3.

All die laughing. The kids have no idea why.

Here's another game. The ABC Animal game. 1 person starts with A. says animal that starts with A, next person B, so on....

We get to "P" - it's Eli's turn. Can't think of one. Taking FOREVER.
So Asa chimes in with, 'I'll give you a hint! It starts with 'PUUUUUU' (thinking of Puma)
Eli: 'You said POO!!!!"

Both boys die laughing.

Too funny.