Monday, November 30, 2009

World AIDS Day - Dec 1

Dec. 1 is World AIDS Day. Check out Join Red on Facebook. Learn about how to support someone by paying for their medications. Lots of organizations allow you to do so easily! Give what you can!

Have a great day!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Prayers for our daughter(s!)

A smidge of adoption news. We have been told that we can expect a referral soon. We are anxious with anticipation! Who is she? How old is she? What does she look like?

After we heard that we may have a referral soon, Mark decided it would be a good idea to spend some quality family time praying every night this past week. While we have been praying and talking for months now with each other and our kids, we felt it important to 'ready our hearts' as a family. So, precious. So, each night after our bedtime routine, the 4 of us (and sometimes Anna, the dog)would gather on the boy's floor, hold hands and each of us take a turn to pray out loud. It is so interesting (and hilarious) to hear our boy's hearts and prayers.

"Jesus, I pray she is courageous.'
Jesus, I pray she is little because I've never had a little sister and I want one.
Jesus, I pray she is healthy.
I pray she likes carrots.
I pray she doesn't bite.
I pray she is being taken care of really well right now.
Jesus, I pray she is well-behaved.
I pray she comes home to us really soon.
I pray she speaks English......or Spanish, because I really want to learn Spanish.
I pray she likes to read books.
and the list goes on.....

SOOOOOO precious. In a season of thankfulness and hope, we are HOPING!!!!!

Stay tuned......
Love to all!