Sunday, September 13, 2009

Garage Sale - Super Success!!!

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! We had a super successful garage sale weekend! Over $1700!! Thanks to all of you who donated items for us to sell. We were crazy busy all day. We continue to enjoy our fall and look forward to the time when we 'know' who will be joining our family!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

4th Time's a Charm!

So...we got to go out on the river again Labor Day weekend with our great buddies! Eli is my child who is uber-atheletic - He got on water skis for the 1st time this weekend! I was so proud of him! He was so proud of himself! I was bragging on him when he got in the boat about how great he did and he calmly said 'Yeah, but I didn't get up until the 4th time.' Hilarious. He's 7. I think the 4th time is pretty darn good. Our friend, Tom, was in the water with him the whole time coaching him. He said E looked at him after about the 2nd time and said "I think it might be easier if I just try it with one ski!" His optimism paired with his persistence is amazing to me. That was really what I was the most proud about - his persistence. It will take him far in life. That and his atheleticism. And white, blond, hair. And blue eyes. And infectious laugh..and....

Asa signed up to play soccer this season. Eli and his buddies wanted to play flag football but Asa was certain about soccer. The thing is at age 8 - we go play on the mainland instead of on the island. Most kids in our area drive over to a different island for soccer but we aren't ready for that level of competition and commitment yet. He didn't know anybody out there when we went for evaluations last week (because the coaches 'draft' the kids at this age but that's a whole 'nother post!) But when we got there without our brother or friends in a sea of 8-10 year olds - my Asa jumped right in there - made friends in one hour and had a blast! I was SOOOO proud of him! I told him the whole way home how impressed I was that he was confident and kind and REALLY GREAT at soccer! We find out who drafted us this week and then start our season. Asa's confidence will take him far in life. That and his blond hair. And blue eyes. And incredible kindness to others..and...

I love my boys. I'm not ashamed to say it!

Garage Sale this weekend! Seriously - my garage is OVERFLOWING! Get over here and buy some stuff, people!!

PS - Congratulations to Camille and Aaron on the birth of their new baby girl!!
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