Saturday, August 21, 2010

Perspective & an Update

Hey to all!

We are in a bad news, great news spot. Bad news: no visa yet. Great news: I'm sitting in Hartsfield leaving for Ghana in 3 hours!! Woohoo!! I'm going to be holding my baby Zoe again soon! I cannot wait!!

My dear friend, Christi, is making the trip with me! Our bags are packed to the full 50 pound limit mostly with donations. Our foster Daddy is meeting us at the airport tomorrow. A full week loving on my girl and the other kiddos we've come to know and love in Ghana.

It has been nearly 4 months since I've had my girl in my arms. 4 months. It feels like an eternity. This was a bit of a last minute trip. A 'Hey, let's go to Ghana. Wha d'ya think??' After we purchased those tickets, I was ELATED. Giddy almost. Bottom line: I didn't realize how sad I was this summer until I got this happy!!! Mark and I both agree we have been putting our head down and getting through it. Not acknowledging the full extent to which the distance has affected us. Mark doesn't read blogs or yahoo groups. He just takes what I relay to him. I've never mentioned to him that some families refer to this time as a 'hostage situation'. But yesterday, Mark said to me, "I'm beginning to feel like she has been kidnapped and there is nothing we can do about it!" So interesting. I feel the same way.

I'm mostly excited about going to Ghana because of my daughter. I'm next mostly excited about sharing the experience with my friend Christi. But as I have been thinking and praying for all the kids I know & love through meeting, stories, and pictures, I am SO excited about going there and knowing people by name. Knowing what to expect. Feeling like it is somewhat familiar and really being able to 'enter in' to the experience on a more day by day basis rather than the shell-shocked 'get 'er done' first experience we had. Don't get me wrong... I LOVED our frist experience - every minute of it! But there is something to be said for having a little bit of experience under your belt to enjoy something on a different level. I am not nervous. I am not scared. I'm just excited about going to visit my friends in Ghana.

Last night, I was riding down the road with Mark and my awesome in-laws, thinking...'How did I get this life?' How did I get such an awesome family? How did I end up with such a Godly man? How is it that I am getting to travel the world & love on people AND bring home one of the most beautiful little girls I've ever seen. How is it that THIS is my life? Grace. Amazing Grace. I am blessed - truly beyond measure.

I can't close tonight without saying a huge thanks to my hubby & in-laws & friends who have rallied to make it possible for me to go without hesitation this week. And a HUMONGOUS THANKS to Christi's hubby, Steve & older kids, Claire & Benjamin, for making it possible for Christi to go at the last minute, too. MANY, MANY blessings in return for the Kitchen fam!!

Lastly, for all of you who requested a pic of the crocheted blanket - here you go! And I've officially become THAT mom...check out her monogram items and all the SHOES waiting on my girl in America...and that's onlya sampling!! :)

Will keep you updated while we are in Ghana! Love to all!!!a