Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Garage Sale! THIS Saturday! May 2

For all in our area! BIG Garage Sale this weekend - All kinds of stuff -

Oven - Microwave - Office Desk - Office Chair - Computers - Toys - Twin Headboards - Kitchen stools - Clothes - Nice teenage boy polo shirts - Home Decor - More! More! More!

A Big thank you to all of my GREAT peeps who have given us stuff to sell.

So...come see us starting at 8:00 am this Saturday morning... if you need directions, send me your email.

See you then!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Warm weather, good friends, and Hope

What a great Spring Break week we had last week. It started out slow as we were recovering from my busy travel week to Austin and a 24 hour jaunt to my parent's house. But when we returned home to the island, we returned to 2 families who are dear friends from 'home' - Marietta. The Pinto's and The Powell's were both on the island last week and we just played and played! Unfortunately, it was too cold to swim in the ocean. But that didn't stop us from having a party! We commandeered a home that belongs to one of my best buds on the island who was in the Dominican Republic for Spring Break with her family who has a great party house with a pool! So Thursday, we had a big, low country boil with lots of kids running around swimming. And of course, we did lots of laughing.

The Powell's have just adopted a black, baby through a domestic adoption. The Pinto's adopted domestically 3 years ago a baby boy with a Panamanian heritage. I could just envision our 2 little ones running around in the sea of straight, blond hair and curly, black haired kiddos! The new baby is 10 weeks old and he is PRECIOUS!! His middle name comes from a good, friend of all of ours who has been a missionary in Ghana for the past 8 years. With every day and week, my heart falls in love with children I don't even know yet. In that way, this part of the process definitely feels like the 'pregnancy' period. (For all of you that are pregnant, don't throw anything at me!! ahem, Suzanne.) My belly's just not that heavy! :)

Today, Mark and I drove to Jacksonville to have our fingerprints done at the Dept of Homeland Security. That should finish our application for the I-600A. Hopefully, we'll receive approval for that soon.

Yesterday, I found out that there might be 2 children at the orphanage that match our requests. Please be praying for us and the child or children that God has already picked out for our family! His timing. His plan. That's our hearts! These children won't be referral ready for 2-3 more months as they just arrived at Eban House. There is also another couple with a similar request ahead of us so there are still some pieces to fall into place. However, I have to remind myself that I truly feel like God has put us on a ride that is on it's way no matter what!! It's not in my hands and that's the best news yet. Truly.

More good news - Our good friend with a little well known band has agreed to come do a benefit concert for us in the Fall for the adoption! It is going to have to be fairly small - Mark and me and 200 of our closest friends :) - please be praying that we are able to raise all that we need that night! What a blessing that would be! We are accepting large bribes for an invitation for that night.....;)

Next week - my KTB is getting married. KTB was, for all intents and purposes, my nanny with my boys until we moved to the island. She is incredible. From the time my boys were infants, I worked out of my home with a really flexible schedule. However, things would come up unexpectedly. She was 16 and I could text her at school and she would come by after school to help - I could walk out the door without so much as a note or word of instruction - she would have my both my boys - fed, bathed, and asleep AND the house clean by the time I returned. Everybody needs a KTB - but this one is mine. One time a week, she would come over and they would have Mac&cheese and Mulan night! She used to give them popsicles in the bath - instant clean up!!

She is getting married!! I am so happy for her. We love her new husband-to-be. We get to go to the wedding and be part of the family. Her mom is one of my dearest friends and I can't wait to be with her next weekend during such a monumental milestone. Her man has just won the major prize. It's gonna be fun! My KTB....

Well, that's about enough rambling for one day! Adoption is in motion. Life is going along swimmingly. Easter service at our church was amazing.
Warm weather, good friends, and hope...what more could one ask for?!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Waiting at Hartsfield

This week's end thru today I have been in Austin, Tx recruiting SLPs for our 8 states of school systems. I love conventions but after the first day and 1/2 you just get plain 'ol tired! Today, I'm a good bit sick too- ick. My friend/co-worker and I didn't even go have fun at the hot spots bc we are both moms who were just glad to have a hotel room to ourselves!! So, I'm sitting in Atl in Hartsfield waiting for 3 more hrs for my flight home!! I want to lay down on the floor here and take a nap!!

2 of our cab drivers this week were from Nigeria. They were both very kind. We asked about their journey here and how long they have been in the states, etc...I told one that we were adopting 2 children from Ghana this year. He seemed genuinely pleased and said "You will make those 2 girls very happy!". It was so encouraging to me.

I have been readin "Inside Transracial Adoption". It is a hard read for me! Anybody else read this? Should I push thru it? I've read lots of stuff that shows what I thought were both sides (great things and hard things) but this book is a Debby Downer!

Also, we had a consignment sale on the island last weekend and I MIGHT have bought some cutie patootie girl clothes!!

For now, I just can't wait for my plane to hurry up and take me back to my boys!!