Saturday, May 7, 2011


Please go check tomorrow night to see if AMY FERRELL made it to the finals for the Macy's Contest!! We ONLY HAVE 2 DAYS to VOTE THIS TIME!!!

My Friend *might* be in the Macy's $$ MakeOver FINALS!!! Hey ALL!! We NEED YOUR HELP!! Just a few minutes (or hours?!?!) of your FB Voting time!

We will find out if my friend, Amy Ferrell, has made it to the FINALS of this huge voting contest. She is another adoptive mom of Ghanaian children - sibling set of 3 - in addition to her own 2 boys - she & her husband are both teachers - they could provide a home bigger than their 1000sq ft home (for 7 people!) plus an after school project & an international Ghana project with adoptive families

PLEASE, PLEASE, take some time to go to the Macy's application on FB & 'LIKE' the page - it will allow you then to start voting.

Voting starts Sunday, tomorrow night at 12 midnight EST (9:30 West coast). The past 2 rounds have lasted one week but this final round will only be 2 days of voting!!! So we have to GET BUSY!!Adoptive families work SO hard to raise the money to adopt their kiddos - this is such an EASY way to bless an adoptive family post-adoption!! PLEASE PLEASE VOTE & SPREAD the WORD!!

ps - you do have to be 'on' fb to vote -

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Voting Starts in a couple of hours!!!

Vote HERE for Amy Ferrell to win the Macy's Million Dollar Makeover!!

Amy is an awesome Ghana adoptive mom of a sibling group of 3! She is in the FINAL FOUR of a Makeover contest with Clinton Kelly!

She will get to provide a larger home (instead of the 1000 sq ft home!) for her family of 7 & will help lots of kids & families in Ghana & America!


Then we'll work on getting her to be the WINNER!!


Happy Easter!!!

More progress on the dorm! It's coming right along!

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Dorm is Underway!!

Hello All!

Nyame Dua's Boy's Dorm has been started! I am so happy! THANK YOU to all of you who contributed - $25 to $1000!!! We met our goal of $5000 & the old dorm has already been torn down. The men are working on digging & building foundation. See the pictures below! I will update as the project progresses!!

I can't wait to see the finished rooms!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

YOU can HELP an Adoptive Family get a new home for FREE!!

Hi All! We need your VOTES!!!!!

Amy Ferrell is a fellow adoptive Ghana mom who adopted through our agency also. Amy brought home her 3 kiddos the year that Mark & I decided to adopt. She is one of the families that we were able to follow & learn the in's & out's of adoption prior to adopting Zoe. Amy adopted a sibling set of 3 - including 2 twin girls & a younger brother. You can read her blog here.

Amy has made it to the FINAL FOUR of the MACY'S MILLION DOLLAR MAKEOVER. We need to help her make it to the finals!! Amy & her husband are both teachers and now have 5 children. We can help them win this so that the 7 of them will be able to move into a bigger home (instead of the 1000 sq. ft home!!)

Y'all - adoptive families work SOOOOO hard to fundraise during their adoptions. Friends & family give so much time, resources, money & support during these fundraising seasons. This is SUCH an EASY (FREE!) way to support a very deserving family AFTER they've brought their family together.

You can VOTE as many times as you want during the week of April 25th. She will be running against 1 other candidate. If she wins this round...she will go onto the finals!! Woohooo!!

You can help 2 ways!
1. Vote as many times as you can during the week of April 25th.
2. Pass the word on!!! Facebook, email, blog, tweet, make a banner for your front yard, smoke signals, whatever works for you!! :)

It really is SO easy to mindlessly vote while you are on the phone, watching tv,, plan to vote & pass it on!!
Thanks Y'all!!!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fasting & Thanks!

I wanted to share a great story with you today from church.

Our church has been fasting for 21 days since the first week of January. The purpose has been to give the Lord the beginning of our New year. Everyone in the church picked the one thing they wanted to fast - some meats, some sweets, some cokes, some TV.... So today was the end of our fast - big celebration this evening. So this morning, one of my friend's little girls who is 8 years old came up to me & gave me a $20 bill. And I said 'What is this for?" She said she 'fasted' her allowance this month & asked her mom to keep it so she could give it away at the end. She wanted to give Nyame Dua the money to help build the big boys rooms!! I wanted to cry! Her mom said this was all the little girl's idea. Today, we all broke our fast & she was able to give the money to Nyame Dua. Her picture is below. Her name is Jamie Brown. Jamie - I pray that the Lord will bless you more than you can imagine for allowing the Lord to use you to serve people you don't even know! I love you, girl!

Nyame Dua is loved by so many. We continue to pray for God's provision. He will provide. I continue to pray that the Lord will multiply what they have & that it will always be sufficient. We continue to try & raise approximately $3000 more in order to pay in full for the rebuilding of the boy's room. I know times are tough...but if you find that the Lord keeps bringing this to the forefront of your mind...would you consider going to the AAI website & giving towards Nyame Dua's fund? Thanks y'all!!!

Many blessings on this beautiful Sunday afternoon!!
Love!! a

Friday, January 14, 2011


Hi All!!

Lots of new items have arrived from Ghana! Some women who are friends of Nyame Dua (pictures & stories to follow...) are making purses, duffel bags, & throw blankets for us to sell here in the U.S. This is a win-win for everyone! It creates jobs for these women as Paul is paying them a fair price & then all the proceeds go to support Paul's home.

Feeding the Orphans, a fledgling & on-fire non-profit, has graciously offered to sell these through their website at no cost to us! Thanks Sydney & Kristie!!

Now go check out those awesome bags & blankets!!!