Saturday, April 4, 2009

Waiting at Hartsfield

This week's end thru today I have been in Austin, Tx recruiting SLPs for our 8 states of school systems. I love conventions but after the first day and 1/2 you just get plain 'ol tired! Today, I'm a good bit sick too- ick. My friend/co-worker and I didn't even go have fun at the hot spots bc we are both moms who were just glad to have a hotel room to ourselves!! So, I'm sitting in Atl in Hartsfield waiting for 3 more hrs for my flight home!! I want to lay down on the floor here and take a nap!!

2 of our cab drivers this week were from Nigeria. They were both very kind. We asked about their journey here and how long they have been in the states, etc...I told one that we were adopting 2 children from Ghana this year. He seemed genuinely pleased and said "You will make those 2 girls very happy!". It was so encouraging to me.

I have been readin "Inside Transracial Adoption". It is a hard read for me! Anybody else read this? Should I push thru it? I've read lots of stuff that shows what I thought were both sides (great things and hard things) but this book is a Debby Downer!

Also, we had a consignment sale on the island last weekend and I MIGHT have bought some cutie patootie girl clothes!!

For now, I just can't wait for my plane to hurry up and take me back to my boys!!


  1. Hi Amy! Thanks for stopping by! I'm thinking of you guys too...I'm surprised that your wait for a referral is going to be so long...the timelines just keep increasing I guess. Hope the whole family is doing great!

    P.S.- I also couldn't read "Inside Transracial Adoption" - what a dry read! I flipped through it after starting the first chapter but decided to put it down, I think there are better ones out there! Let me know though if you finish it and find it worthwhile! :)

  2. Is the book a hard read because it is dry or is it a hard read because it is hard to hear some of what they are saying? I haven't read this one but I have read "I'm Chocolate You're Vanilla." It was overall a good book with good information. However, I am slightly ADD so sitting down and reading a book about facts, etc.. is hard for me to do.


  3. You have the prettiest blog..I love it and will be back later to read more of your story...Would love for you to visit me and meet Parker and Jack.