Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm still here!

Before you all abandon my blog altogether - I thought I'd better update it!! Here are snapshots of our life -

Adoption Update- Still waiting to hear about a referral. We had hoped we might be receiving a referral in September of an adorable sibling set but they rejoined their biological family. We are back to 'square one' in our hoping. I promise to blog the minute we accept a referral.

20 Year Reunion - I attended my 20 year High School reunion this past weekend! I had a blast seeing all of my old friends. Everybody looked great and I don't think I've stayed up that late...since I was in high school!

The boys - Asa is playing soccer. He's played before but seems to have found his niche in playing goalie. He is rocking it!! Eli is playing flag football and of course is amazing. He threw his first completed pass this week! (They usually just run the ball). School is great. They both love school still which is SUCH a blessing.

Fritch - doing awesome as always. Big GP sponsor event coming up at the end of November. Enjoying our fall season together.

That's all I got! Nothing funny - nothing deep - just some updates!
Love to all!

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