Saturday, July 17, 2010


I'm pretty sure there is a statute of limitations on the nesting period. God did not intend for us to nest for a year and a half. I'm sure of it.

I'm sorry I've left you, my dear readers, hanging for nearly 3 months. There is good news but it is another hurry up and wait. Although, prayerfully, this will be our last time. We are on our last step!! All evidence is into the US Embassy and our birth parent interview went swimmingly. It resulted in our power of attorney having to do a scavenger hunt all over Ghana for a few pieces of papers. He was able to work his wonders and quickly even!

Now, we are "simply" waiting on the US Embassy to give Zoe Andrela her visa to come home!! This sounds all sweet and easy. It really should be. Do they have all their paperwork? Yep! Was birth mom who she said she was? Yessiree! Should the US Embassy in ANY country be willing to help out their citizens with timely procedures? You betcha! Wait. That last one. Not so much.

There are 4 families who all 'interviewed' on the same day. That was 3 weeks ago. And nobody has a visa for their child who is ALREADY LEGALLY ours!!!!Sheesh! You can now see why I've held back on my posting lately. It's not very nice.

I'm trying not to make this summer a wash. I really thought she would be home by now. I thought I'd be all holed up bonding with my baby. Loving up on her. Acclimating to being a family of 5. Learning how to do her hair. Figuring out her personality. Stink!

So, nesting. I think I have done everything I possibly could do inside my home. I have bought everything I could possibly buy or afford for Zoe. I have crocheted her a baby blanket. (That's not a joke for those of you laughing!!) I have made 2 Scrapbook albums from my first trip to Africa. Earlier this week, I went to the Habitat for Humanity store and bought an old door! Why? you ask. Just to paint it. For kicks. It was only $10. It was a bargain!
Decorative Door in Progress!

Well, today. Today, I got in super-geared up mode. And I started nesting outside. Glory! It was hot. I spent about 7 hours 'pruning' the azaleas in our yard. The pictures can speak for themselves.

So, you see. My baby better be coming home soon. That visa better hurry up. It is not natural to nest for more than 9 months. My yard can't take much more of me. I'm running out of projects!! US Embassy...let me bring my baby home!!


  1. I want to see pics of Zoe's crocheted blanket!!! ;-)

    Praying that your visa wait (and those of all the other stuck families) comes to an end NEXT WEEK!!!

  2. praying for y'all! i love what you did with that door. so creative!!

  3. Praying!!! Did your azaleas do something bad to you? :-) She will be there so so soon but I know the waiting is painful. And I second the request to see the blanket.

  4. praying.... hang in there, Amy, she is SO worth the wait......

  5. It's so hard to believe this is happening with the visa's.. as everyone had such passport drama during our time...praying for all you guys! Wait will be over soon. Can't wait to meet you guys someday soon!

  6. Hanging right there with you! (Although, my nest could still use more tweaking before our kids come home. Good job in being so on the ball).

  7. Poor Y tree! She looks naked. She needs a tree house shirt and ladder pants.

  8. Leonard did that once to our shrubs - but he didn't have nearly so good a reason.