Saturday, May 7, 2011


Please go check tomorrow night to see if AMY FERRELL made it to the finals for the Macy's Contest!! We ONLY HAVE 2 DAYS to VOTE THIS TIME!!!

My Friend *might* be in the Macy's $$ MakeOver FINALS!!! Hey ALL!! We NEED YOUR HELP!! Just a few minutes (or hours?!?!) of your FB Voting time!

We will find out if my friend, Amy Ferrell, has made it to the FINALS of this huge voting contest. She is another adoptive mom of Ghanaian children - sibling set of 3 - in addition to her own 2 boys - she & her husband are both teachers - they could provide a home bigger than their 1000sq ft home (for 7 people!) plus an after school project & an international Ghana project with adoptive families

PLEASE, PLEASE, take some time to go to the Macy's application on FB & 'LIKE' the page - it will allow you then to start voting.

Voting starts Sunday, tomorrow night at 12 midnight EST (9:30 West coast). The past 2 rounds have lasted one week but this final round will only be 2 days of voting!!! So we have to GET BUSY!!Adoptive families work SO hard to raise the money to adopt their kiddos - this is such an EASY way to bless an adoptive family post-adoption!! PLEASE PLEASE VOTE & SPREAD the WORD!!

ps - you do have to be 'on' fb to vote -

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  1. Thanks SOOOOO much Amy! My family and I are so grateful yo you for your time in spreading the love. Wish I could give you a BIG hug! :)

    Amy Ferrell, incredibly blessed woman!