Friday, January 23, 2009

Cell Phones, Ink Jets, and Toner Cartridges!!

Hello All!

We have had a very good, non-eventful week. We will be meeting with our social worker in a week & 1/2 for our 2nd meeting. All of our paperwork has been completed so now we are waiting for our application to be processed with AAI and to finish our last 2 meetings for home study.

Here is our 1st Fundraiser!

We are collecting old cell phones, ink jet cartridges, and toner cartridges. Save! Save! Save!
If you are in our area - we will start a large scale deal soon!
If you are in our Atlanta area - save them and give them to Caroline!

We have found a place to recycle all of these and earn some money all at the same time! It's a win! win!

So, if you know of groups that are looking for a project - here's a great one!!

On the boy front - Anna (our yellow pup-lab) mangled a mole in our front walkway yesterday. As I pondered what to do with the struggling rodent - Eli decided he wanted to shoot it with his new bow and arrow! HA!

E is still rocking the basketball court. Asa is reading like crazy. Mark has his big community event coming up soon. Dan Reeves will be speaking - if you wanna come - let us know - should be good times!

Love to all! Holla back!


  1. Hi Amy!! I am so glad that you came across my blog so that we can keep in touch. Our agency actually works with an orphanage that has infants available so we're hoping to get a child under the age of 1 since we are new parents :) We're also hoping for a girl!
    Since we're from Canada I'm sure some of the paperwork and processes are different but hopefully we'll be able to move through our adoptions somewhat together- and let's pray that ours go smoothly and quickly!!
    PRIDE is a course developed for adoptive and foster parents. Our government mandates that adoptive parents take the course. It seems like it will be useful but the best part is being able to be in a room with 20 other future adoptive families! We're the only ones in the group though going through Ghana.
    Thanks again for writing me and let's be sure to keep in touch :)

  2. Hi Amy,
    I too have found the blogging network very helpful and filled with amazing Christian women. Unfortunately, we stumbled across them all a bit late in our adoption process. We brought home our daughter from Ghana, child number 4 for us, just four days before Christmas this year. We did not go thru an agency, because we could not find one, until we had already started the process. I know there is a lot of useful information on many of these blogs-I came to yours via the Jag family blog. Kristen and I have exchanged some helpful hints. I hope that you 'find' your two new additions soon and would love to offer any help we can. Especially some cheap places to stay in Ghana with good food.
    Very cute blog :)

  3. Awesome, blossom. I'll start a pile for ya.

  4. Hey Amy,
    I love the new blog!!! It's so colorful!
    Can't wait to meet my new nieces or nephews- we have a lot of love to give them!
    Love you-Beth

  5. A,
    Laughing at your profile! No truer words were ever spoken . . . "laughing, reading, laughing, . . . and, um, laughing." And I love to do it with you because you're REALLY good at it!
    Love to you - Holly