Sunday, February 1, 2009

Moving Right Along

My boys and neighbor are in the front yard 'selling' cokes poured in styrofoam cups and McDonald's figurine toys in the driveway on a Sunday afternoon. It might be the cutest thing I've ever seen. People are stopping. How could you resist?

Adoption Updates for this week:

We have our 2nd homestudy meeting on Tuesday. Hope we will have the 3rd next week.

We received 'approval' (pending the homestudy) from AAI today with our contract and a few more signature pages. This was exciting as it made me feel like we are making progress!

We have just started brainstorming and sending out the information about recycling this week. We got $50 in ink cartridges this week just from 4 different people!! Woohoo! This thing might actually work!! We have asked Stonebridge & Riverstone in Marietta who both said they will help us collect. If you have any great ideas for placing boxes in businesses that would be great! Once friend who works at a dentist's office brought us about 20 different cartridges this morning! Thanks Janie!!!

On other news - I had a Director's meeting in Atlanta this week. Lots of changes going on with our company. All good - change is never easy. We have nearly tripled in 5 years and we need to accomodate ourselves to manage the growth as efficiently as possible! The economy is just now hitting our industry.

Mark's is 3 weeks away from our big Community Event. We would appreciate your prayers for a large turn out and for the budget to be met!

Keep saving those ink cartridges and cell phones!!
Love to all!

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  1. Already have a tower of cartridges in Caroland.