Friday, February 13, 2009

25 Random Things....

Hey all-

Look - FB is infecting Blog world! Can't be left behind! You know the drill - here is my already made list (sorry if you've already read it on FB) Skip on down, my friend. I'm not tagging - too lazy today - if you've read this - consider yourself tagged!!

25 Random Things About Me...
1. Laughing until I cry is my most favorite thing to do in the whole wide world.
2. I married one of the funniest men I know.
3. I have 2 of the funniest boys I know.
4. People who don't have a sense of humor make me mad.
5. I drove 7 different cars between the ages of 16 & 25. My 1st car (in 1987) was a '72 Oldsmobile White Station Wagon!
6. I hate stepping in puddles with socks on in the house...melted ice, dog bowl drool...must change socks immediately.
7. I just learned that men don't know that women flush toilets in public restrooms with their foot. Does your man know that?
8. I had kidney stones with both my preganancies. I don't recommend it.
9. We had approximately 600 people at our wedding. It was the wedding of my dreams at the time. If I did it all over again today, I would do everything differently!! HA!
10. I, too, have a secret dream of being a rockstar. We're good friends with a real rockstar and clearly I am not one.
11. I love to hang out with women who are wiser than me.
12. I love to be with a group of girlfriends who love Jesus.
13. I love to be with Jesus!
14. My best friend in high school and I live parrallel lives. We can go without talking for weeks, months, or years, depending on the season and then find out we bought the same furniture, clothes, and hairstyle!
15. I have worked for the same company for 8 years and plan to work there forever.
16. I put my nephew, Dean, to bed the night his mother died when he was 5 years old. He is now 15. It was the single, greatest, privilege of my life.
17. I was homecoming queen.
18. I LOVE making new friends. You can never have too many.
19. I always said I'd never live in Atlanta. Until I did. Then I loved it and never wanted to leave. Until 8 years later. And I did.
20. I now live at the beach. I can't think of any other place that I'd want to live. It's heavenly really. Perpetual vacation. What more could you ask for?21. I rarely go home to Augusta and regret losing touch with my dear childhood friends.
22. I saw Mamma Mia last year and am dying to be IN the movie. Especially the Dancing Queen scene where they run through the resort grounds and finish the big number on the dock and jump in the water. I could do that.
23. My best day is spent with my 3 boys.
24. My husband hates the beach so the first month we moved here, I bought one of those rolling cart things. I call it my husband b/c it carries everything to the beach for me. Now my friends call their carts their husband too!
25. I seriously believe we are just 'passing through'. While I love life and enjoy all it involves - I can't wait to get to heaven!! We just think we're having fun now!!

Last Home Study meeting tomorrow at our house! Say a prayer! Went to get the boys passports today at the post office. Spent all the time before digging up picture type IDs and such for the boys - and then the post office guy is a 'friend the Gathering Place' so he already knew us. Didn't need any of the documentation except their brith cert. Nice!

I am hoping we will be 'referral ready' soon! As soon as the home study report is completed....I think!

25 things about you ...let's hear 'em.


  1. Hey Amy! God made me remember to pray for your homestudy this morning!! I never would have thought of it on my own, so I know it was Him! I'm sure it went great and I would love to hear from you : )
    Ashley Piquette

  2. I loved reading 25 things about you. You seem all that and more that Holly has told me about. I could have written a few of these myself . .. #1, 2, 11, 13, 18, 25 . . . okay, so more than few.

    My header for my blog came from my sister. If you have photo shop you can do it there. If not, and you want, I can see if she can do one for you. It would just require emailing her the picture you want. Just let me know. I know she wouldn't mind.