Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I-600A: Done!

Yea! One more step completed!

Yesterday, I just mailed off our I-600A - Application for Advance Processing of Orphan Petition to the Dept. of Homeland Security! Not sure how long this takes to get approved? Adoption land? Any answers for me?

We also mailed off our Online Adoption homework plus a big fat check to AAI yesterday.

We have almost completed our Dossier and then we will be in no-man's land. The waiting period. Where there isn't much (anything) we can do to move the process along. Only wait.

I'll likely revert back to posting about our daily antics - the boy's crazy comments - etc.

What you can be praying for during the wait period:
*Our new children - that God will bring exactly who He has planned to join our family and we will KNOW.
*Finances - pray for wisdom on when & what to fundraise. We are believing God to show up in a big way!
*Timing - His perfect timing.

I'll let you know when the dossier goes out!


  1. When we did our I-600a for Haiti last summer it only took 3-4 weeks to get approval. I just did our country change for our I-171H today. It was bittersweet.

  2. Way to go!! It will be so exciting to see God's work in your family. The children at Eban House are so very beautiful. The days of filing and waiting are hard. Anita says that God uses these times to tie our hearts to our children's hearts. It is true. Our children in Ghana are not just beautiful orphans who need a home, they FEEL like they are ours and we FEEL like something is very missing because they are not here. You are in my prayers.