Monday, May 4, 2009

Success!! Thank you!! More good news...

What a great weekend for our garage sale! We made $1300 on Saturday! Wooohooo!! Thank you SO much for all of you who donated so much 'stuff' for the sale! Our garage was crammed full from the front to the back - fromt the top to the bottom and only a fraction of it was really ours!

It was a beautiful day and there haven't been many garage sale weekends yet so it was perfect! We had a great time hanging out with friends - we had a sign up telling people that we were adopting internationally. It was great fun to talk with people about that - hear other stories of how they adopted 30 years ago - one lady said that she was 'the product' of an adoption and was very thankful - all very encouraging stories.

The second lady that came to the sale told us about an endowment that she thought her local church has that might help us fund our adoption. So, I took the information and called today. The endowment actually serves another function (helping folks attend seminary) but the pastor was SO kind and generous. He asked very detailed questions and without hesitation said that he had a discretionary fund that he would start putting some money away for us and to call him at the end of the summer. He wanted to help us 'put a dent' in the cost of the adoption! Thank you, Lord!! I am amazed at how God knows where EVERY penny is coming from. I am not anxious - I am anticipatory. I am watching & waiting. So far, the show has been exemplary!!

The last piece of great news is that the USCIS stateside is now able to communicate via computer programming with Ghana embassy/govt regarding I-600 forms. I could try and explain this but I wouldn't do a very good job and you would only leave with WAY more questions than you have now. Here is the bottom line - once we receive a referral - we can file our I-600 (Petition for Orphan Adoption) here in the US - they will have the approval in Ghana as soon as it is approved in the US - We will ONLY HAVE TO TAKE ONE TRIP TO GHANA!! Yea!! This is great news both emotionally and financially for us! Once we travel to 'meet' our children, we will also be able to bring them home with us in that same trip. Again, thank you, Lord!

Such great news. Please keep praying for our children. His timing. My patience. I trust Him completely. May my emotions reflect that trust!

Thank you again, for being a community of believers who is loving on us so unashamedly as we move through this process!!


  1. Wonderful news all around! I am so thankful for you! Praising way over on the other coast!

  2. That is HUGE! I was wondering about that coming home without them that was going to be survivable?! I very much admire your spunk and determination. From now on, if I want anything really important done, I'll be calling you. LOVE!

  3. God is so very awesome. I am very happy for you. Thank you for letting us see how God is working in your life.

  4. How much more do you need to adopt?