Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The update is that there is nothing to update. I should probably just end my post there - ha!!

Adoption update - we've been able to see pictures of most of the children at Eban House who just arrived. They are the most precious smiles! We have our eye on a couple but we are just praying that the Lord will bring us who we are meant to have! They still aren't referral ready - just waiting. So then, so are we.

Summer - it's on it's way. 2 1/2 more weeks of school. The beach is FULL every weekend with visitors. I'm already looking forward to our Wednesday - local, weekly, play, beach date of moms and kids of all ages from toddler to teenagers. It really 'caught on' last year and it was a great time to see people and hang out.

The GP - Our college interns arrive the day after Memorial Day. Mark's gearing up, preparing the housing, busy, busy, busy. If you think about us, pray for us and our family. We always feel a little stressed and 'attacked' during the few weeks that lead up to the summer. It's the transition month - going from the steady, weekly, school year schedule to the unpredictable, wonderfully busy, blissfully free summer schedule. I do love having people coming in and out of our house all summer. I love fixing meals on a whim, having out-of-town friends coming to stay at the house. I love the summer.

Boys - we thought Eli broke his arm today. It was bound to happen, right? At the skatepark, he fell. Our friend who is a doctor who also happens to live next door (handy!!) looked at it. Says it might be a hairline fracture but it's not broken. Shew.

Asa is in a play at school this week. Actually, both boys are in the play - Eli is singing with his class (he's an army ant!) and Asa is a praying mantis and has a speaking part!

I think of things to blog about all day long. And by 8:00 pm when I actually have time to blog - I forget.

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  1. Thinking of you as you wait for kids to be referral ready. It will be wonderful to see who God has designed to be in your family.

    Glad your son didn't break his arm and I hope it gets better very soon!