Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Help with a Quick Click!

Hey Everybody!

My friend, Jennine, is getting ready to bring home her son from Ghana soon. They have entered a pet contest to help raise some of the travel costs! (ingenious!)

Will you take a minute and vote for 'Batman' the Guinea Pig?

I can't get my link to work on my post so.....click on the 'Going Ghana Gone' link in my sidebar. The link in her post will take you to vote. Click and enter your email. You can enter once a day per computer/email.

Raising funds for the ginormous cost of adoption is one of the biggest things that keeps people from doing so! Please help them out! Vote as many times as you think about it!

Thanks y'all!!


  1. You are so sweet to include the info to vote for Batman. He is sitting over in the corner in his cage (he has got some prime real estate in the corner of the family room) not knowing that all these people know about him and that he has the possibility of helping with the adoption. It is just another day for him. On that note, I think I will go peel him an orange slice so it is a great one!LOL

    Thanks again,

  2. Done and done. Love the picture of the boys. And Frank and Dixie, so very precious!