Monday, January 25, 2010

Scripture - What's that??

Started practicing painting canvases with acrylic paint. It's very soothing to me. I was practicing doing some 'girlie' names and swirls and stuff and did 2 for our neighbors that play at our house alot. Eli then wanted me to paint 'something' for him.

E: Paint somethin for me, Mom.
Me: What do you want me to paint?
E: My name.
Me: What is your favorite scripture?
E: What's that?
Me: Your favorite Bible verse.
E: Oh.
E: Any one with my name in it.

Mailed off our Welcome Bag to our baby girl today! Welcome to our family! She will get a photo album with all of our pictures mixed with hers next week! Yea! Pray for a quick court date!


  1. anyone know why partners for adoption has there ghana program on hold?

  2. Hi Robert - I do not know why Partners has their program on hold. This past summer (09) Ghana social welfare conducted a pretty thorough (from what I understand) 'investigation' of all international adoption agencies. All adoptions were slowed/halted during this time as there was about a 3-4 week period where they weren't approving any adoptions. I know a friend in Canada whose adoption agency pulled out completely from Ghana adoptions and my friend lost a great deal of already paid paperwork money. From what I understand the international adoptions resumed and it didn't seem to affect US agencies (or at least ours?) I am not at all familiar with Partners. Maybe they put that on their website at that time and failed to change it back? My only suggestion would be to call and ask them why it is on hold. Good luck!

  3. awesome! I can't wait to meet her! Arumai turns 20 months this week. Isn't that pretty close to her age? I am excited and praying for a quick court date.....