Thursday, January 7, 2010


Hey All!

We are busy getting our next steps together. While we can't purchase our flight tickets to Accra yet, we are looking into how much they will approximately cost. One of the things we have been 'working' towards over the past year is earning enough SkyMiles to purchase at least 1 if not more tickets for our trip in late Spring/early Summer.

So...right now Delta is running a special offer through January 31. If you transfer miles to someone, those people will actually receive your miles plus an extra 50% of the miles you transfer. i.e. if you transfer 10,000 miles, the person receiving the miles would receive 15,000 miles.

If you have an abundance of miles and would like to transfer some miles towards our trip, let us know!!! That would be a huge gift to us. There is a fee associated with transferring miles. If you have a huge abundance of miles (i.e. over 65,000) and would be interested in 'purchasing' a ticket via your SkyMiles for our trip, let us know.

We know God will provide for all our needs throughout this entire adoption! Thanks for praying for us!
Love! a


  1. I am praying for your trip! I know that God will guide you to the right tickets at the right exciting. She is just beautiful.

  2. Amy! Read your comment on my blog. LOL. Don't you live on some beautiful island!?? somewhere warm????!! Find me some families and I am there!!!!!!! I love to travel! especially to warm sunny places.. LOL

    So happy for you guys to be traveling soon!! Wish we could put our heads together and do a photography fundraiser for ya'll! I'll think on it.

    Oh, you need to go get Jordyn's album..LOL!! It's so awesome. I can't do the Miley thing, but Taylor.. oh yah...