Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Aniversary to us!

I'm such a jerk! I wrote the whole post below just a few minutes ago wistfully thinking about our adoption. Well, the truth is our 14th wedding anniversary and I should've been blogging about how much I love my husband! Ha!!

So, in true Letterman style, here are the
Top 10 reasons I love my husband...especially after 14 years!

10. He is funny.
9. He is super-good-looking.
8. He can preach like nobody's business.
7. He is unbelievably patient with all my quirks, and ups & downs, and ....he doesn't care if I don't make the bed in the mornings.
6. He loves to laugh.
5. I can share everything when I am with him but I can also sit quiet and say nothing too.
4. He loves being a Daddy.
3. He genuinely loves people - even when they are unlovable.
2. He loves me!
1. He loves Jesus...and he's funny - it's toss up which one is #1!!

Love to my man...
Happy 14th Anni-Vegas-ary, Honey! Happy 14th Plane-a-versary!


  1. Happy Anniversary!!!!!
    Hope it is super special.
    Thinking of your family,

  2. Amy!!!!!! Got your comment : ) How fun. I will look for Annie! That is so cool. It sounds like your man is just like mine.. except for mine preaches just to me!LOL. It's something I thank God for ALOT, my sweet husband. Happy ANNIVERSARY!!!!!! to you guys!!!



    Let's set up beach portraits!! How do we do it.. I am so TIRED of the cold.. LOL!!!

  3. You guys are a seriously awesome pair. Happy anniversary - Love y'all!!
    -Katie BE