Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mild Update

No news worth reporting really. Just seemed like time for an update. We are in the process of having to redo our entire home study. Urg. Ours expires mid-March and we have to have one good within a year to get our approval from the state of GA with our I-600 form. So, we have been busy getting fingerprinted (again), getting forms signed (again), getting HIV/TB tests done (again), etc.... It will all be worth it. I keep chanting that to myself!

The boys are getting a loft built in their room. Should be ready in a couple of weeks, I imagine. They are so excited.

Mark has a big community event coming up for The GP at the end of this month. He is running around crazy getting ready for that.

Boys are playing basketball - loving it.

Oh! One good piece of news is that our church was able to set up a general adoption fund. So that when we do our big concert, people can give tax-deductibly (is that a word?) to the fund. I am really excited about this as well. Because we know of at least 3 other familie in our church that are in process of adopting. (Some are actually 'in process' and some are 'in the process of becoming in the process'!)

Either way, I am thankful that our church will have a ministry in this way. It is a small beginning to what I think could grow into a great adoption ministry altogether.

Anway - I think that is pretty much all of our non-news. We are hoping to go to court early next month. We are still looking at an approximate June time frame but you never know!

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