Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tomorrow is Thursday again.

Bottom line - I hate this waiting. Tomorrow is Thursday again. Mark and I were talking tonight. By around 1:00 pm EST tomorrow, the waiting is over for the week. It will be 5:00 at the US Embassy in Ghana. Typically, they would let us know, send your POA to get your visa tomorrow or not. We either have it or we don't. Which gives us 4 whole days of knowing that nothing can be done until Monday comes again to be hopeful 'that maybe this will be our week'.

Today, I called Johnny Isaakson's office again. We have had NO WORD from the embassy in 3 weeks. Johnny's office told me they would email the embassy again. For the 3rd time. It isn't doing anything but I guess it's something. I emailed the US Embassy today for the 4th time in 3 weeks with no answered response.

Mark reached the point of 'Have we any sin in our life that we should confess?' Seriously? This is starting to feel SO reminiscent of our infertility days a decade ago. Completely out of our control. Feeling like we've done something to deserve the wait. Getting frustrated because the frustration seems to overshadow the joy when it actually gets here. Feeling like you don't deserve the joy when it arrives because you've spent so much time being upset and frustrated. Feeling left behind with the people you started out with...and having those who started behind you finish the process.

I've had a couple of well-meaning folks say, 'Well, she'll be here by Christmas!" Seriously???!! We thought she would be home by 4th OF JULY!!!

I think I'm just feeling panicky tonight because once again we are on the eve of the do-or-die day. Then it will be another week.

The real bottom line: my heart is breaking with each passing day.

Lord, please let us bring our baby girl home!!!


  1. I hate this waiting for you. It just plain stinks. Thought our kids would be home by summer too. We've seen EVERYBODY that started after us in the process pass us. So I kinda know how ya feel. Praying for your call by 1pm tomorrow.

  2. Oh Amy! I am sorry! I hear you....there are just no words to describe the feelings. I am sorry you continue to wait. I really thought this would be your week. Praying for your family and that the embassy will grant your baby's visa!

  3. Tomorrow is Friday and YOU'RE FREAKIN GOING TO AFRICA!!!!!!!