Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all!! We had an amazing Christmas & overall holiday break. We spent a whole week in Tennessee & it was heavenly. 3 days of snow & LOTS of sleep thanks to my mother-in-law~!

We are now getting busy raising $4000 to rebuild the teen boys room that I talked about in my last post. The total project will cost $5300 but we have received $1300 already so we have $4000 to go!!

I know times are tight but even a little bit goes a long way when there are a lot of people involved! Please consider donating for Nyame Dua. You can go to www.adoptionadvocates.org & on the donate page, hit 'other' & type in Nyame Dua room. It is tax-deductible & 100% of the donation will go to help rebuild this room!

We have lots of good news swirling around with Nyame Dua also. There is a new non-profit that has been started by a Ghana adoptive family called Feeding the Orphans. We are going to be able to start selling some blankets & bags that are hand made in Ghana by some ladies who are friends of Nyame Dua. We met a couple of them while in Ghana & they are sweet, sweet souls. We'll let you know when these are up on the website for purchasing. They are great & all proceeds will go to Nyame Dua also.

If you can think of creative ways to raise money for this project, let me know! If you know of ministries or mission-minded, humanitarian entities who are interested in helping out with Nyame Dua, let me know!! I'll be glad to speak with them!!

I'll post more pics soon!!
Thanks y'all!!

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