Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fasting & Thanks!

I wanted to share a great story with you today from church.

Our church has been fasting for 21 days since the first week of January. The purpose has been to give the Lord the beginning of our New year. Everyone in the church picked the one thing they wanted to fast - some meats, some sweets, some cokes, some TV.... So today was the end of our fast - big celebration this evening. So this morning, one of my friend's little girls who is 8 years old came up to me & gave me a $20 bill. And I said 'What is this for?" She said she 'fasted' her allowance this month & asked her mom to keep it so she could give it away at the end. She wanted to give Nyame Dua the money to help build the big boys rooms!! I wanted to cry! Her mom said this was all the little girl's idea. Today, we all broke our fast & she was able to give the money to Nyame Dua. Her picture is below. Her name is Jamie Brown. Jamie - I pray that the Lord will bless you more than you can imagine for allowing the Lord to use you to serve people you don't even know! I love you, girl!

Nyame Dua is loved by so many. We continue to pray for God's provision. He will provide. I continue to pray that the Lord will multiply what they have & that it will always be sufficient. We continue to try & raise approximately $3000 more in order to pay in full for the rebuilding of the boy's room. I know times are tough...but if you find that the Lord keeps bringing this to the forefront of your mind...would you consider going to the AAI website & giving towards Nyame Dua's fund? Thanks y'all!!!

Many blessings on this beautiful Sunday afternoon!!
Love!! a


  1. This made me cry. I LOVE seeing the Lord work in such young lives. Can't wait to see all the Lord has planned for her & Nyame Dua. I will be praying.

  2. Your love for the Lord inspires me.