Sunday, April 17, 2011

YOU can HELP an Adoptive Family get a new home for FREE!!

Hi All! We need your VOTES!!!!!

Amy Ferrell is a fellow adoptive Ghana mom who adopted through our agency also. Amy brought home her 3 kiddos the year that Mark & I decided to adopt. She is one of the families that we were able to follow & learn the in's & out's of adoption prior to adopting Zoe. Amy adopted a sibling set of 3 - including 2 twin girls & a younger brother. You can read her blog here.

Amy has made it to the FINAL FOUR of the MACY'S MILLION DOLLAR MAKEOVER. We need to help her make it to the finals!! Amy & her husband are both teachers and now have 5 children. We can help them win this so that the 7 of them will be able to move into a bigger home (instead of the 1000 sq. ft home!!)

Y'all - adoptive families work SOOOOO hard to fundraise during their adoptions. Friends & family give so much time, resources, money & support during these fundraising seasons. This is SUCH an EASY (FREE!) way to support a very deserving family AFTER they've brought their family together.

You can VOTE as many times as you want during the week of April 25th. She will be running against 1 other candidate. If she wins this round...she will go onto the finals!! Woohooo!!

You can help 2 ways!
1. Vote as many times as you can during the week of April 25th.
2. Pass the word on!!! Facebook, email, blog, tweet, make a banner for your front yard, smoke signals, whatever works for you!! :)

It really is SO easy to mindlessly vote while you are on the phone, watching tv,, plan to vote & pass it on!!
Thanks Y'all!!!

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  1. Thanks SOOOOO much for sharing this Amy! Our family is SO grateful! I am so excited for the video that will come out on the 25th too because it shows some of the work I hope to do with children if we win. I also have big plans for Ghana, older children and family preservation projects! :)

    BLESS you for helping us get the word out!!!

    Amy Ferrell