Tuesday, March 30, 2010

8 More Days till Africa!!!

We CAN NOT WAIT!!! 2 weeks in Africa - with our little Zoe Andrela. I can't wait to get back and post some awesome cute pictures of her!!

Prayer Requests:

1. Relationship building & bonding with Zoe Andrela while we are in Africa. We are going to get to spend some very concentrated time together on a very long bus ride and some sweet time in North Ghana for a week!

2. For all of our court proceedings, paperwork filings, and travels to go smoothly. Pray for favor with Ghanaian authorities as we move through the process at court and the embassy!

3. Pray for our 2 sweet boys at home with their grandparents. They are very excited about spending 2 weeks with grandparents. I was away last week in Texas for 4 days and was dying to get home...2 weeks sure is a lot longer! Pray for me and Mark too cause I know we'll be missing our boys!!

We hope to update facebook via Mark's phone while in Ghana. Check there for updates.

It's really happening y'all!