Saturday, March 13, 2010

PLEASE VOTE!!! MAP, International!

A very dear friend of ours is the President of an incredible international ministry that serves the global world. MAP is based in our town. They are running a contest to 'Vote for a Hero'. For every vote, Dohmen Company Foundation will donate $1 to MAP to fight Neglected Tropical Diseases and the closer the heroes get to their goal.

Go to Map, International and Vote!
MAP International.

MAP International, a Christian health ministry, promotes the total health of people living in the world's poorest communities by providing essential medicines, promoting community health development, and preventing and mitigating disease, disaster, and other health threats.

Serving over 33 million people in more 117 countries, we are a certified 501c3 with a 99% efficiency rating and a 55 year track record of providing health and hope for a hurting world.

You can vote every day up till March 20! They are trying to get $50,000 votes! Vote every day!!

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  1. So cool to read your blog and know what's going on with Zoe. Two trips to Ghana sounds overwhelming to me on many levels, but I ask the Lord to bless you with traveling mercies and exciting (and safe) adventures. You are making memories for a lifetime.