Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spontaneity at it's BEST!!

What an AMAZING weekend! Mark and I LOVE to lay around the house and do nothing. Seriously. We both work hard and play hard. But I also love to sleep, I'm not gonna lie. I'm a great dreamer and going to sleep is like going to the movies! I love it! But every now & then we get the notion to go a little off the beaten path. Friday, Mark had the day off. After sending the kids to school:

Mark: Let's go somewhere this weekend.
Me: Let's take the kids to Disney World!
Mark: Ok!

We looked up cheapo hotels online - found one for $35 a night!!! Packed the car - got the kids after school and headed to Orlando! (which is only 3 hours away)

We had SO much fun! The kids had a blast! Mark and I relaxed. I know you are probably thinking 'How can you relax at DW??" We just decided to BE. We weren't in a hurry. We didn't try to do everything. We soaked up just being with the kids. We laughed alot. We dreamed. (daydreaming...not sleep-dreaming!)

We didn't take a family vacation last year since we started saving money for the adoption. We had been considering a trip for just the 4 of us before we bring home Zoe and this was perfect. The kids were really surprised too!

So awesome!


  1. Man oh man, I look forward to the day when our fam-o-6 can get back down there! Gonna (or shall I say Ghana!) wait til the babes are a bit older. How bout our fam-o-6 meets your fam-o-5 down there? ;)

  2. wow -- i love everything about this... that u just planned last min. that you found a cheap deal. that you didn't have to do everything... you just enjoyed it!! awesome. so fun.

  3. I can't believe you didn't take us with you...