Wednesday, March 17, 2010

PayPal - Requests!

Hey Hey!

We had several emails and requests asking about PayPal - We just set up a link on the blog that will take you directly to our church's paypal account. If you give this way, please make sure that you send a follow up email to & cc: me so that they will know that donation should go to the adoption fund and not general funds.

THANK YOU for asking us!!!!

HUGE Praise!! We had some dear friends from church call last night and give us enough SkyMiles for an ENTIRE ticket from Savannah all the way to Accra!! THANK YOU, Lord!!!

Thanks to our sweet friends, Kim & James!!! Y'all are the BEST!!!! MANY, MANY blessings in return!!!!



  1. Yay for friends with SKYMILES! That is excellent news.

  2. Any,
    I love reading all about your "Amazing Race" to get Zoe home. I can't wait to meet her. I have a rag bunny and quilt waiting to send when she arrives. What great parents you and Mark will be. I'm sure that Eli and Asa will be so happy to have all of you back home. All of you are in my prayers each day. God is so good.
    Linda Bargeron